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ELL Program at West Utica

West Utica English language learners receive a variety of support services from highly qualified ELL teachers on a regular basis. Basic and Low intermediate students visit the ELL lab each day for 50-60 minutes where the blended learning model is used to offer students small group and individualized English language instruction tailored to their academic needs in addition to an Imagine Learning language software experience on the computer. High intermediate students are assisted several times per week in their general education classroom by an ELL teacher that supports core academic content within the classroom setting. This is to assist with students’ CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) which are the language skills needed to understand academic tasks in the general education classroom. Note: Proficiency in academic language, needed for content areas usually takes 5-7 years, while conversational language is usually mastered in 1-2 years.

ELL Staff

Mrs. Edgar [email protected]

Ms. Rundek [email protected]

Mrs. Rose [email protected]

Ms. Jarzyna [email protected]