West Utica Teacher Honored As All-Star
West Utica Teacher Honored As All-Star
Posted on 10/11/2016

Paul Ragnoli was happy to hear when his granddaughter Isabelle was told she was having Ms. Rowley as her first grade teacher.  You see, his two daughters also had Ms. Rowley when they were students at West Utica Elementary 15 years ago.  She left an impression on him and he always wanted to thank her for helping his daughters.  So on Tuesday, October 11 he was able to do just that.

Mr. Ragnoli nominated Rosemarie Rowley, a Utica Community Schools teacher for over 20 years, for a 7 Action News segment called Ann Marie’s All Stars.  Each week they highlight someone in local school districts who have really made a difference; an unsung hero.  This was Ms. Rowley’s week!

During a school assembly, Ms. Rowley was very surprised to learn that she was being honored as an All-Star.  West Utica principal Bradley Suggs, and several current and former colleagues shared their admiration during the presentation.  Allison Buscemi, a third grade teacher at West Utica said, “It takes a certain selflessness to be a great teacher.  She has given her time, her knowledge, her heart and her soul to her profession.  Ms. Rowley cares more about others than herself.  There is no one who deserves this honor more than her.”

Ms. Rowley

Ms. Rowley and colleaguesWest Utica sixth grade teacher Marie Wojnowski met Ms. Rowley 11 years ago while working as her student teacher, watching as Ms. Rowley set high expectations for all her students and speaking to each of them with honesty and respect.

Still friends today, Wojnowski calls Ms. Rowley her inspiration, “You give so much to your students. You are truly a beautiful person and an amazing teacher.  You are an All-Star to me, your students, colleagues, and our West Utica families.”

At the end of the emotion-filled presentation and surrounded by his grandchildren, Mr. Ragnoli commented that many people unfortunately don’t find their calling in life but that he believes Ms. Rowley has, “Being a teacher is the reason she was put on this earth.”

Mr. Ragnoli and family